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Sailing On Out Into Bermuda Blue

GothCruise 8 Events

Some event notes, just in case you didn't see them elsewhere.

The cocktail parties/dances will take place on Day 2 and Day 4 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Revelations Night Club. The dances are as follows:

Day 2: Puttin' on the Ritz Ball
"High hats, arrow collars, sequin gowns, pants with stripes, cutaway coats, and umbrella in your mits? The Rockefellers ain't got nothin' on Goths out on the town. Let's show 'em how we put on the Ritz. Dress your best, dress to impress. Super duper!"

Day 4: The Mad Scientist's Halloween Bash: "The good doctor cordially invites you to attend the event of the season. It's his Halloween Bash! Get a jolt from his electrode and help raise the undead. Wear a spooky costume, or not. We probably won't know the difference anyway. Just hope you know how to do the Transylvania Twist, or, at least, the Time Warp!"

We will also have Private Karaoke on Day 5 from 5-7 p.m. in the Gamma Room!

GothCruise 8 T-shirts and Other Goodies

Hey everyone!
The full-color GothCruise 8 T-shirts are available at the new GothCruise store http://www.zazzle.com/gothcruise The store also has some other GothCruise logo stuff I made playing around with the Zazzle website.

Zazzle is having a 15% off sale on Tees and Mugs if you use promo code TEEMUGSPROST.

Hope you enjoy the cheking out the store!

Design personalized gifts at Zazzle.

Dinner in San Juan

Is anyone staying on after the cruise who might be interested in dining at
Racines, possibly on Sat. ?

Bermuda shore excursion

Is anyone interested in doing the Helmet Dive in Bermuda?  Six of us goths did this last
time around and it was good enough to do again.  Have to call and book with them

directly, can't book through the cruise ship.  Check out their website:  Hartley's Helmit Dive.

Our New Logo

GC 8 cabinmate

Is anyone--preferably female--seeking a cabinmate for GC8?


Rates dropped! Balcony rooms dropped $200 per cabin, ocean views $120 per cabin and insides $60 per cabin. The adjustments have already been made at Celebrity and Chappy will be re-invoicing everyone. For those people who paid in full (2 cabins) they will be given a refund back to their credit cards. (Of course, I will be postting this EVERYWHERE!) Book NOW! http://www.gothcruise.com

Freakishly Asked Questions.

The GothCruise 8: Freakishly Asked Questions page is now up-to-date. (And there was much rejoicing.) http://www.gothcruise.com/faq.html

Learn the answer to all your burning GothCruise questions such as:
What is GothCruise?
What is Puttin' on the Ritz?
Who's in charge?
What can I do to help?
Is this the same cruise that was featured in "Goth Cruise: The Movie"
What is included with the cruise?
Will there be exclusive GothCruise only events?
What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of LIfe, the Universe and Everything?

...and others.