TheOneBob (theonebob) wrote in gothcruise,

Hello LJ!

Hey everyone!
There's a lot of stuff going on with GothCruise and you're missing out if you haven't caught up with us on facebook.  We just finished GothCruise 9 from Outer Space and announced GothCruise 10 on Ice! (Alaska, duh!)

If you haven't already, please find us in these places on fb. As you probably noticed, we just don't talk here much anymore.

Public Group Page (This is the main communications venue):

Event Page:

User Page

Other FB place where we be:

If you are dead set against facebook, there's also our Website

We'll try to post at least one or two announcement here per cruise, but if you really want to have a conversation, OriginalGothCruisers is the place to be.

Hope to see you on GC10!

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